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Appointment & Payroll Documents


Operational Calendar - At-a-glance reference for academic departments

For key dates and deadlines, see the Summer Session Calendar.


Visit the CAPE website for dates, responses, and tips on increasing response rates.

Summer 2022 CAPE Schedule by Session

Have questions or comments?  Email CAPE at 

Course Documents


eGrades calendar for Summer 2022.

For more information about eGrades, visit the eGrades page for step-by-step guide on the web-based eGrades tool. The eGrades calendar is managed by Academic Records in the Registrar Office. For questions about eGrades, please contact

Enrollment Reports

Five Year Enrollment Report

The Five-Year Enrollment History Report has moved to Tableau. 

2018 – 2022 Five-Year Course Enrollment History Report

  1. Log-in with your UCSD Active Directory credentials.
  2. Use the filters at the top of the report to view enrollments for a specific department or course.
  3. Note that this report is using Third-Week Census Data. Cross-listed courses are listed separately.

Incentive Pilot Program – Pending approval for 2023 

2022 Incentive Pilot Program – Course and Enrollment Targets 

Employee Educational Benefits

Deadline to apply is the Billing Due Date of each Session.  See the Summer Session Calendar for dates.


Eligible employees may receive a 25% discount on the per unit fees for up to two courses per summer. The discount is limited to currently employed UCSD Staff only. Spouse and/or dependents are not eligible for the Summer Session discount.

To be eligible, Staff must have completed their six-month probation period and have a career appointment of 50% time or a casual appointment of 100%.

The non-refundable application fee, lab/computer fees, course material fee, and other fees are not included in the discount.

The employee discount can only be applied to standard course unit tuition fees for open enrollment summer session courses. An open enrollment course is a course that is generally open to all students that meet the prerequisites. Special programs such as a Masters Degree program in Education Studies are not eligible.

Course and application fees are determined by whether or not you have enrolled in one of the two quarters prior to summer. See Example #1 and #2 below. 

Example #1: Eligible employees who enroll during Summer Session for the first time and who are not admitted to the Fall Quarter are charged at the visiting student rate and are charged an application fee.

Example #2: Eligible employees who have enrolled in at least one of the two quarters prior to summer or who are admitted to the Fall Quarter are charged a the continuing student rate and are not charged an application fee.

Using Educational Benefits

All employees must use the UCSD Human Resources Educational Benefits system to initiate the request. Please refer to the Employee-Student Program page for further instructions.

Once eligibility is verified and all approvals have been obtained, Summer Session will be notified of the request and apply the discount.  Summer Session will contact employees once the discount is applied. 

Please do not enroll in classes prior to obtaining the discount. If a student is approved for a discount, the fees need to be adjusted and then the student pays the amount. Enrolling in classes prior to obtaining the discount may result in a significant delay in the application of the discount to your account.  For questions, please contact Summer Session at or 858-534-5258.


Instructor Welcome

Student Services

Department Funding – Instructors, TAs, & Incentive Pilot Program

Instructor Payroll

  • Summer Session funds departments for actual instructor expenses, including course salaries, general liability, and benefits.
  • See the Summer Session Guidebook for details on instructor compensation.

TA Allocation

  • Summer Session block-funds departments with a TA Allocation. TAs are hired at the discretion of the academic departments.
  • The TA Allocation formula is based on the number of courses (with more than 10 students enrolled), student enrollment, and the department weighted TA Load factor.  
  • See page 42 of the Summer Session Guidebook for the TA Allocation formula details.

Incentive Pilot Program – Pending approval for 2023 

  • The Incentive Pilot Program is pending approval for 2023. The information listed below is for the 2022 Incentive Pilot Program. 
  • Departments must offer more courses AND enroll more students than in 2018 to be eligible. Department 2018 targets can be found in this report.
  • Departments that qualify for the Incentive Pilot Program will receive:
    • A&H, Social Sciences, College Writing Programs, and related programs - $1,000/course + $25/student
    • School of Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, JSOE, and related programs - $1,000/course + $50/student
  • Departments that are not eligible for the Incentive Pilot Program will receive the standard Department Administrative Services funding (DASP):
    • A&H, Social Sciences, College Writing Programs, and related programs - $500/course + $13/student
    • School of Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, JSOE, and related programs - $500/course + $33/student
  • 2022 Course and enrollment data will be pulled end-of-term on September 6, 2022. See page 44 of the Summer Session 2022 Guidebook for more details.

Summer Scoop

Please feel free to share the Summer Scoop listserv with your colleagues –  sign up here. Only email addresses will be approved to be added to the Summer Scoop listserv.