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Tuition Reversal Policy

If you withdraw from UC San Diego or drop a course, you may be eligible for a reversal of tuition & fees, depending on the:

  • Date that you drop or withdraw from the course
  • Absence of other University debts
  • Schedule of tuition reversal


Schedule of Tuition Reversal

Reversal of the per unit course fee are given for courses dropped by the tuition reversal deadlines. No tuition reversal for courses dropped or withdrawals made after the deadlines. Summer Session does not offer partial tuition reversals. Please see the calendar for specific dates.  

Policy and deadlines for lab courses may differ.  Refer to the Schedule of Classes for exceptions.

Session Last Date For tuition reversals
Session I July 5, 2024
Session II August 9, 2024
Special Session Varies by Class

Your date of withdrawal/drop will be the date that you drop your class on WebReg or the date on which you file your Undergraduate Request for Withdrawal (E-Form) with the Office of the Registrar. Please see the page on course changes for more information.

This policy refers to reversible fees which include:

  • Course Fees
  • Campus Based Fees

Application fees and late enrollment and late registration fees are non-refundable and non-reversible.

Special programs such as Global Seminars and Travel Study Program Fees have their own refund policy for their program fees. Consult those programs directly if you are requesting a refund of those fees.


How do I get a Refund?

If eligible for a tuition reversal, course fees will be reversed.

Please review this link to the SFS refund page for options.

Contact Student Financial Solutions for more information.