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Course Changes

Course Changes for Sessions 1 & 2 Once the Session Has Begun:

During the first week of classes, you may drop one course and add one course at the same time without late fees. If the course being added has additional fees, such as a material fee or a higher course fee, the additional fees must be paid when adding the course. Policies for lab courses may differ. Refer to the Schedule of Classes for exceptions.

After the first week of classes, if you drop one course and add another course, you will be responsible for the fees of both courses. You cannot apply a credit for the course you are dropping towards the newly added course or any future course. You must pay for both courses. A credit for a course is only valid during week 1 of Session I and Session II. 

To add a class after Friday of the first week of classes:

  1. Requests to add classes after Week 1 of the session are not guaranteed. Check with the instructor and academic department offering the course for specific guidelines.
  2. Submit a request via the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy). The request must be approved by both instructor and department offering the course before the Friday of the 4th week of classes.
  3. Pay the course fee immediately

Course Changes During Special Session:

Special Session courses have varied deadlines per course. For exact dates, please see the Special Session Calendar. To change courses, double check the refund dates to determine if you are eligible for a course credit or refund. 

Drop Only During the Session:

If you drop a course during the first week of a five-week session, a course refund or credit will post to your UC San Diego student account. For non-five week courses, check the Special Session Calendar for dates. The refund period differs by the length of the courses. 

Add Only During the Session:

If you add a course any time after the fee payment deadline, your payment in full is due immediately and you may be assessed a late fee. WebReg is open and available for student enrollment through the first week of Session I and Session II. Students enrolling in Special Session classes will need to submit an EASy request.

Students are encouraged to check their academic records and billing statement to ensure accuracy.