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Adding Courses

Follow the instructions on the "Application and Enrollment" page to add courses.

The deadline to add courses on WebReg varies by session:

Session I: July 7, 2023
Session II: August 11, 2023
Special Session: Deadlines for courses in Special Session vary by course. View the Summer Session Calendar for details. 

Enrollment begins on April 17, 2023 for current UC San Diego students. 

Enrollment begins on April 24, 2023 at 8am for all students, including visitors and incoming UCSD students. 

Please be advised that if you enroll into courses after the payment deadline, late fees apply. 

If you have already paid for your courses, and decide to add an additional course before the add deadline, the tuition and fees for your new course are due immediately.

If you add courses after the cancellation date has passed, you are responsible for all tuition and fees associated with your enrollment.  You may be cancelled for non-payment if payment is not received immediatelyIf you fail to drop your courses, you are also responsible for tuition and fees. 

If a student drops a course and adds a new course after the refund deadline, the student will be responsible for the fees for both courses. Tuition and campus-based fees will not reverse for a course dropped after the refund deadline. Late fees will apply because the course is added late.

If you were added to a class from a waitlist after the payment deadline, please contact Summer Session Office at to reverse the late fee.

If you wish to add a class after the Deadline to Add a Class, you will need to submit a Late Add Request via the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy).  Late adds are not guaranteed. If you are approved, payment is due right away. For more information, visit the How to Add a Class page on TritonLink.

Canvas - how to access the interactive course websites set up by your instructors?

  • Visit and log in with your Active Directory (AD) username and password
  • Instructors work with the Canvas team to establish and publish the course websites, with the goal of publishing a minimum of two days before instruction begins.
  • After you add the class on WebReg, please allow 24 to 48 hours for access to the course website
  • If you are waitlisted for the course, you may have access to the Canvas course website until the automatic waitlist process ends (see the Enrollment section of the Summer Session calendar for dates of Automatic waitlists)
  • Visit the Digital Learning page for tips on how to get started with Canvas


Summer Session 2023 Enrollment Period
(Adding and Dropping courses without penalty)
Fee Deadline Late Enrollment Period
(Adding and Dropping courses with late fees)

Deadline to Add a class.
Last day to Drop Course(s) with 100% tuition reversal or refund.

Lab courses may differ. Refer to the Schedule of Classes for exceptions.

Late Add Deadline

By approval only - visit How to Add a Class page for more information about EASy.

Summer Session I

UC San Diego students: April 17 - June 26

All other students: April 24 - June 26

June 26 June 27 - July 7 July 7 August 3
Summer Session II

UC San Diego students: April 17 - July 31

All other students: April 24 - July 31

July 31

August 1 - August 11

August 11

September 7

Special Session Varies by Course - Refer to the Calendar for details June 26 Varies by Course - Refer to the Calendar for details Varies by Course - Refer to the Calendar for details Due to the varying dates in Special Session, students are required to submit an EASy request with instructor  and department  approval to the Office of the Registrar by 4 p.m., Friday before the last week of instruction.