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UC San Diego has policies and deadlines that students must follow. When a student misses a deadline, an exception may be made regarding special circumstances. In considering exception requests, Summer Session must follow University guidelines for granting these exceptions. There are two areas most generally requested: Academic Records (adding or dropping a course and grade change) and Financial (refunds/fee reversals). With regards to refunds, the guidelines state two circumstances for an exception.

Per Academic Senate: 

Requests may only be approved in cases where:

  1. The student clearly attempted to add or drop the course by the deadline but technical problems with TritonLink prevented the proper processing of the request;
  2. Serious personal circumstances (e.g. hospitalization) prevented the student from adding or dropping the course prior to the deadline.

These are the only two types of cases that will be reviewed and must have occured BEFORE the deadline. If the student is petitioning for a refund, the situation must have occured BEFORE the refund deadline.  

See the Summer Session Calendar for important refund and withdrawal deadlines.

Deadline to submit a Summer Session petition is the end of following quarter (Fall quarter).

Students may not request the "W" grade for "Incompletes" that have lapsed to "Fail" grades. Requests for retroactive drops without a W grade will not be approved. Student may not request a retroactive drop for a course with a W grade.

When students drop with a “W” and they want the “W” removed. The petition process begins with your College Academic Advising Office, please connect with them via Virtual Advising Center (VAC).  For non-UCSD visiting students, this process begins with Summer Session.

Additional Resources: 

Petitions are denied for the following situations:

Below are examples of petitions denied because the situation happened AFTER the refund deadline.

Please see the Summer Session Calendar for deadlines.

  • Admitted to the hospital after the refund deadline.
  • Forgot the deadline.
  • Forgot about enrollment in the course.
  • Forgot I was on the waitlist and was moved into the course when a seat opened up.
  • Forgot to read enrollment policies.
  • A friend told me: the deadline was later / this policy does not apply to me / they received a refund for the same situation / etc.
  • Unaware of the deadline.
  • Unaware that general education requirements have changed.
  • Unaware that major requirements have changed.
  • Unaware of adding, dropping, and refund policies.
  • Changed academic major, minor, program, or course of study.
  • First time enrolling in Summer Session.
  • Waited for course syllabus before deciding to drop and missed the refund deadline.
  • Work load was too heavy after the refund deadline.
  • Course content was too difficult.
  • Received an internship/job offer after the refund deadline.
  • Not told about deadlines by the University.
  • Change in financial situation and need money back after the refund deadline.
  • Unhappy with the instructor's teaching style after the refund deadline.
  • Decided not to continue with course enrollment.
  • Did not attend class, discussion sections, labs, etc.
  • Did not take exams, tests, quizzes, etc.
  • Did not complete course work for the class.
  • Family events that happen after the deadline.

How to file a petition - UC San Diego Students

How to file a petition - Visiting Students (not current UC San Diego students)