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Fee Payment Deadlines

Session I (five week courses) and Special Session: June 24, 2024
Session II (five week courses): July 29, 2024

Special Session (Non-five week courses): June 24, 2024

Students enrolled in non-five week courses should carefully observe the deadlines listed on the Special Session deadlines calendar. Deadlines for courses in Special Session can vary with each course.

  • If you add a course any time after the fee payment deadline, your payment in full is due immediately. You will receive a billing statement to review the balance on your account. 
  • If you have already paid for your courses, and decide to add an additional course to the same session, the tuition and fees for your new course are due immediately
  • If you add courses after the cancellation date has passed, you are responsible for all tuition and fees associated with your enrollment and payment in full is due immediately.

For more information regarding billing statements, payments, and more, please visit Student Financial Solutions.