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Units (course credits) 

UC San Diego students 

You are allowed to enroll in maximum of 12 units per session. If you are thinking about enrolling in more than 12 units per session, you must obtain authorization from your college. If you are enrolled in 6 units, you are considered full time status by the Registrar Office.

Financial Aid

For Financial Aid purposes, UC San Diego students enrolled in 6 units are considered half-time status. Please contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office for more information. 

Visiting students

You may enroll in a maximum of 15 units per session. You have the Summer Session Office as the Visiting Student college. 

High school students

You are encouraged to enroll in up to 4 units per session; 4 units per session is considered full-time and is the recommended course load. However, you are allowed to enroll in up to 8 units per session. 

International students

If you are an International Student (who is currently outside the U.S. and will be applying for a U.S. visa after receiving immigration documents from UC San Diego) you must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units per session to maintain visa status.