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Grading & Transcripts


You are expected to complete all assignments, take all examinations, attend classes regularly, and hand in all work by the end of the session. For more information on grading and transcripts, please select a link at the left.

The grading system is:

Grade Grade Points Per Unit Interpretation
A+, A, A- 4.0, 4.0, 3.7 Excellent
B+, B, B- 3.3, 3.0, 2.7 Good
C+, C, C- 2.3, 2.0, 1.7 Fair
D 1 Poor (barely passing)
F 0 Fail
P 0 Pass (C- or better, assigned to undergraduate students only.)
NP 0 Not Pass (Below C-, assigned to undergraduate students only)
S 0 Satisfactory (B- or better, assigned to graduate students only.)
U 0 Unsatisfactory (Below B-, assigned to graduate students only.)
I Incomplete (See Incomplete link above)

Incomplete Grades

To receive a grade of "I", work must be of passing quality, and there must be good reason for not being able to complete the course (illness, for example).

Submit your Request for an Incomplete Grade form to the instructor prior to the day before final exams. The form must be approved by your instructor who must forward it with the final grade roster to the academic department. An "I" grade will be replaced with the assigned grade upon completion of the required work as outlined in your agreement with the instructor, if approved by the Registrar, but no later than the last day of finals week of Fall quarter following Summer Session.

If not replaced by this date, the "I" grade will lapse into an "F", "NP", or "U" grade, depending on your student status.

Transferring Credits

UCSD Summer Session courses are approved for credit by the Committee on Educational Policy and can generally be equated to corresponding courses at other universities. However, all Visiting UC and Visiting Students should consult with own institutions prior to enrolling in Summer Session to confirm that the courses they plan to take will be accepted for credit in their particular program.

Grading Options

Students may elect a Pass/Not Pass option (undergraduates) or a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (graduates) for a course by checking the appropriate box on the enrollment form, add/drop card or through WebReg. A grade of Pass is recorded for work that otherwise would receive a grade of C- or better for undergraduate students. Graduate students must earn a grade of B- or above for a Satisfactory. See the Deadlines Calendars for more information.

How to Get Your Grades

Unofficial grades are usually available via your Academic History two weeks after the end of final examinations. Your PID and PAC are required to access your records on TritonLink. Transcripts are not available until all grades have been recorded for each session.

UCSD Students: Grades are automatically posted to your records and can be viewed in TritonLink.

UC Visitors: Transcripts are automatically sent to your home UC campus.

Other Visitors: To obtain your grades, you may check your Academic History or order a transcript from the Registrar's Office. User ID/PID and Password/PAC number, are required to access your grades.

Students can order transcripts via the online tool or via the PDF form. Transcripts for visiting UC students are automatically sent to your home campus. Non-UC students can order an official transcript about two weeks after the end of the session. See also How to Request a Transcript.