Triton Sophomore Scholars Program

Program Criteria will be updated Soon

Summer Session is committed to helping UC San Diego students achieve academic excellence in their undergraduate education.

Program Description

Triton Sophomore Scholars is a summer program designed to support rising sophomores achieve success as they pursue their four-year plan to degree at UC San Diego. During the 10 weeks of the program, scholars will experience a comprehensive approach to college life by focusing on one course per summer session, living on campus, and connecting with faculty, staff, students, and university resources.

Scholars will form a residential learning community to bolster their sense of belonging as Tritons and foster life-long friendships and connections. The learning community will include academic and social activities. Scholars will enroll in two 4-unit courses over two summer sessions that are critical to their degree progress. Scholars will receive individualized and structured academic support, including supplemental-to-instruction and tutoring, personalized learning assessments and goal setting, study skills instruction, contact with faculty and staff, and peer mentoring from experienced upper-division students. The Career Center will work with scholars to identify on-campus employment opportunities aligned with their individual educational and professional goals.

Tuition, campus-based fees, housing, and dining fees are covered by the program.

Program Criteria: no open application, invite only.

Program Criteria will be updated soon.

If invited to participate in the program, students will be required to meet with their advisor (College or Department only) for a consultation/info session to determine summer course enrollments (1 course per summer session) that meet either their major or general education requirements. 

  • Academic standing after Spring Quarter 2018 will be reviewed before program participation. Students must be in good academic standing to participate in the program during the Summer 2018 Summer Sessions.
Program Description
Eligibility Current Freshmen students at UC San Diego
Session Summer Session 1 & 2

Triton Sophomore Scholars - 10-week program: June 29th - September 8

Move-in: June 29th


Open to all majors and undeclared majors

no open application, invite only 

Housing Residential Program - On Campus Housing Required

Students enroll in two courses (8 academic units)

Triton Sophomore Scholars

  • Course 1: Summer Session 1 (5 weeks) - selection from Summer Session course list 
  • Course 2: Summer Session 2 (5 weeks) - selection from Summer Session course list
Fees Students are NOT required to submit the 2018-2019 FAFSA. Financial aid available to eligible students (Optional)

Program Contact





Susan Rinaldi

Phone: (858) 246-5706




Program Website:  TBD
Application TBD


Deadline to apply TBD

*Program information subject to change

Veteran/CalVet Education Benefits

 If you are a Military Affiliated student receiving Federal Veteran Affairs (VA) or Cal Vet assistance during the summer, you may want to verify your benefits and how your participation may be affected, please contact the Student Veteran Benefits Coordinator, Lisa Linares at (858) 534-0477 or by email at

 Additional information may be found at:

Office for Students with Disabilities 

If you are a student with a disability (physical, chronic health, learning, mental health, ADHD, etc.) who may need accommodations in classrooms (lecture and/or examination), labs, housing and/or dining, recreational activities such as hiking, ropes, field sports, etc., please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at (858) 534-4382 as soon as you become aware that the condition may impact your ability to participate in our programs. 

Additional information may be found at

For more information contact your Program Contact or

Jonathan Vega
Special Programs Manager 
Phone: (858) 534-5358